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Browse through the Chiller City inventory using the following categories. If you are interested in purchasing an item from our ever-growing selection, or don't see a certain model listed here (chances are we have it or can get it), contact us.

Note: These are Neslab Instruments domestic list prices for new equipment from their 2000 price list. These are NOT Chiller City prices. Call 1-877-CHILL01 for current Chiller City pricing.

RTE Series (Refrigerated Bath/Circulators) Neslab Price
RTE-101D Digital, -12°C to +130°C, 5 Liters $1855
TE-111A Analog, -25°C to +100°C, 7 Liters $2030
RTE-111D Digital, -25°C to +150°C, 7 Liters $2550
RTE-111M Programmable, -25°C to +150°C, 7 Liters $3245
RTE-211A Analog, -25°C to +100°C, 12 Liters $2200
RTE-211D Digital, -25°C to +150°C, 12 Liters $2725
RTE-211M Programmable, -25°C to +150°C, 12 Liters $3410
RTE-221A Analog, -23°C to +100°C, 20 Liters $2295
RTE-221D Digital, -23°C to +150°C, 20 Liters $2810
RTE-221M Programmable, -23°C to +150°C, 20 Liters $3510
RTE-140A Analog, -40°C to +100°C, 7 Liters $2600
RTE-140D Digital, -40°C to +150°C, 7 Liters $3120
RTE-140M Programmable, -40°C to +150°C, 7 Liters $3810

ULT Series (Ultra-Low Temperature Bath/Circulators) Neslab Price
ULT95DS -90°C to +30°C $8270
ULT80DZ -80°C to +10°C $7300
ULT80DZT -80°C to +80°C $7945
Sealed Bath Cover Assembly for ULT80 $170

Non-Refrigerated/High-Temp Baths Neslab Price
EX-111A Analog, +100°C, 7 Liters $1510
EX-111D Digital, +150°C, 7 Liters $2030
EX-111M Programmable, +150°C, 7 Liters $2725
EX-211A Analog, +100°C, 12 Liters $1675
EX-211D Digital, +150°C, 12 Liters $2200
EX-211M Programmable, +150°C, 12 Liters $2885
EX-221A Analog, +100°C, 20 Liters $1765
EX-221D Digital, +150°C, 20 Liters $2295
EX-221M Programmable, +150°C, 20 Liters $2990
EX-250HT +250°C, 7.5 Liters $2452.50
EX-251HT +250°C, 25 Liters $2850

Cryobath and Portable Coolers Neslab Price
FTC-350 Flow Through Controller, Refrigerated $1175
CC-65II 60°C Immersion Cooler $1185
CC-100II 90°C Immersion Cooler $2560
CB-60 50°C Cold Bath $2610
CB-80 80°C Cold Bath $4680
IBC-4 -25°C, 400W, Immersion Cooler $1180
PBC-2 -25°C, 1000W, Immersion Cooler $1400
PBC-75 -25°C, 1550W, Immersion Cooler $1750
Cryotrol -100°C to +20°C, Temperature Controller $465

Recirculating Chillers Neslab Price
CFT-25 MD-30, Standard Temp $2170
CFT-25 PD-1, Standard Temp $2170
CFT-25 PD-1, Low Temp $2605
CFT-25 PD-1, High Temp $3170
CFT-33 MD-30, Standard Temp $2410
CFT-33 PD-1, Standard Temp $2410
CFT-33 PD-1, Low Temp $2845
CFT-33 PD-1, High Temp $3410
CFT-33 PD-2, Standard Temp $2755
CFT-33 PD-2, Low Temp $3190
CFT-33 PD-2, High Temp $3755
CFT-75 PD-1, Standard Temp $2785
CFT-75 PD-2, Standard Temp $2450
CFT-75 PD-2, Low Temp $2850
CFT-75 PD-2, High Temp $4225
CFT-100 PD-2, Standard Temp $3960
CFT-100 PD-2, Low Temp $4585
CFT-100 PD-2, High Temp $5190
CFT-100 CP-55, Standard Temp $4645
CFT-100 CP-55, Low Temp $5270
CFT-100 CP-55, High Temp $5875
CFT-150 PD-2, Standard Temp $4330
CFT-150 PD-2, Low Temp $4955
CFT-150 PD-2, High Temp $5560
CFT-150 CP-55, Standard Temp $5015
CFT-150 CP-55, Low Temp $5640
CFT-150 CP-55, High Temp $6245
CFT-300 PD-2, Standard Temp $5720
CFT-300 CP-55, Standard Temp $6385
HX-75A 2KW, Aircooled $4485
HX-150A 4.5KW, Aircooled $5095
HX-300A 10KW, Aircooled $6810
HX-500A 15.7KW, Aircooled $9335
HX-750A 24KW, Aircooled $11055
HX-900A 38KW, Aircooled $20245
HX-1000A 53KW, Aircooled $28050
HX-2000A 75KW, Aircooled $35190
HX-2500R 88KW, Aircooled Remote Condenser $47625

W/W Heat Exchangers Neslab Price
System I PD-2 Pump $3295
System II 2-PD-2 Pump $4335
System III CP-55 Pump $5505
System III TU-3 Pump $6320
System III TU-5 Pump $6950
System III TU-6 Pump $7370
System III TU-7 Pump $7805
System III TU-8 Pump $8255
System III TU-9 Pump $9740
System IV CP100 Pump $11170

Customizing Options Neslab Price
HX-75 Water Cooled Condenser, Add $280
HX-150 thru HX900 Water Cooled Condenser, Add N/C
CP-25 Pump Centrifugal Pump, 6gpm at 18psi, Add $295
CP-55 Pump Centrifugal Pump, 10gpm at 40psi, Add $645
CP-75 Pump Centrifugal Pump, 16gpm at 50psi, Add $1555
TU-1 Pump Turbine Pump, 3gpm at 50psi, Add $280
TU-3 Pump Turbine Pump, 6gpm at 40psi, Add $895
TU-5 Pump Turbine Pump, 9gpm at 50psi, Add $1670
TU-6 Pump Turbine Pump, 12gpm at 50psi, Add $1508.80
TU-7 Pump Turbine Pump, 17gpm at 50psi, Add $2110
TU-9 Pump Turbine Pump, 23gpm at 50psi, Add $2560
PD-2 Pump Positive Displacement, 3.5gpm at 50psi, Add N/C
440/480 Volt, 60Hz, 3 phase (HX-300 through HX750) $700
Air Filter Package (HX75) $200
Air Filter Package (HX150) $200
Air Filter Package (HX300) $235
Air Filter Package (HX500) $285
Air Filter Package (HX750) $285
Automatic Reservoir Refill $360
Particulate Filter Pkgs (5,10,25 or 40 micron) $315
Deionized Water Package $825

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