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You may search for Manufacturer, Model or Part number, Pump Type, Electrical Requirements, Type of Controller, GEMs Part number Type of Cooling or other options. Please be aware that general searches can return very large lists of chillers.

Please do not assume we don't have it if it doesn't show up in the search. We are constantly updating our inventory but we have many items not yet entered in the database. Please contact us if you don't find what you want here.

Please note that there is an implied "OR" of search terms, by default the search will return all items which have any word searched for in them. Use the "required" operator (+) to get results with all the search terms. For example if you wish to view all Neslab HX-300 Chillers with PD-2 pumps search for "+Neslab +HX +300 +PD2"

Do not use dashes in search terms, for example use HX 300 instead of HX-300 or PD2 instead of PD-2

Use "*" for wildcards, "+" for required, "-" to negate, "" to enclose strings.
For a more complete explanation of all search operators see Chiller City Search Help

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